New blog, who dis?

Since my youth I've been fortunate enough to have access to a computer, it was the age that most of the people started to having at-least one computer in their familiy home (in my region). I've used it for all kinds of things, but I spent most of my time in Web Development and a little bit of gaming.

Even though the fact that I've been working "professionally" in this part of IT for almost a decade and even longer as a hobby; I've always had some kind of imposter syndrome in the back of my mind. To be honest I've fell into many traps by a mix of over-promising, good-will and honesty. It kinda held me back from expanding myself, while silently losing trust in both the soft- and hardskills I had gathered over the years.

A decent time ago I've come to notice that the best way of learning something, is to watch others doing it. And if you don't have that option: to at least try it for yourself.

I'm definitely not a creator, a big open-source maintainer or even a GODLIKE developer. So my first thing to do -in my opinion- was watching socials (mainly Twitter) as eager as I can. It was my way to trying to pry open the gates of knowledge and watch what the community was up to or doing.

Little did I know that this was actually a good way to do that. Over time I've even been adding to my Following-count, which has recently passed 4000! I mostly tried to engage and have since then also gained over 700 followers myself! Given the minimal effort over all this time, that's actually quite big to me.

I know it's 2021 already and blogs have been here for ages

It just dawned on me that I've been doing the watching for a while now. But it has definitely resulted in that I, now and then, feel like sharing the knowledge that I gather or at the very least pass along other's by sharing it to my "audience" (weird word for me tbh). I also benefit from it, because I can actually go back to get my own reference material, in the future.

Well, to the off-chance someone's eagerly waiting for my appearance in this space, I've now actually created a blog on my site. Then again, should I care about people not sitting on the edge of their chairs for whatever my brains thinks? 🙈

Sometimes you just need to change the flow a little bit

And this felt like it'd be my time to do so!

Ultimately my goal will be to teach myself to write down the stuff I learn, how to properly write copy along the way, and maybe teach others about the stuff I considered of any worth during the time of writing.

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So, if you're reading this; this will be a pledge to myself:

  • I will learn.
  • I will write.
  • I will share.

Notice that I didn't give any estimations. ⚖️ Don't @ me.

So... wanna join the dark side!?

FYI: If you actually wanted to know, this site's made with Nuxt; Tailwind & @nuxt/content.

Posted: November 16, 2021